Jawline Contouring

MyEllevate® is a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation solution that refines the lower face, jawline, and neck with natural-looking and long-lasting results. MyEllvate® uses suspension threads to gently lift the neck, eliminate neck bands, and sharpen the jawline. A continuous permanent suture physically elevates and supports the skin and underlying tissues along the jawline for a sculpted look lasting over five years.

MyEllevate® is incorporated in our Signature Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lifts.

This in-office procedure is the next best alternative for obtaining traditional facelift results without invasive surgery.

woman touching chin
MyEllevate handpiece

MyEllevate® Benefits

  • Sharpens jawline
  • Eliminate double chin
  • Reduces sagging skin and jowls
  • Tightens skin on the face and neck
Is the Procedure Painful?

MyEllevate® is a well-tolerated in-office procedure. By using light sedation, “laughing gas” and lidocaine, there is minimal discomfort with prompt recovery.

When Will I See Results?

Most patients will see immediate results, with best results noticeable after six to eight weeks.

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