Look years younger with no scarring, surgery, or downtime…in no time! Instantaneous results for the upcoming party, reunion, wedding, or other important event.

Small needles are utilized to deploy a tiny thread under the skin, with minimal discomfort! The thread is painlessly pulled in one or two directions, creating instant re-positioning and lifting of the skin. Over the next year, skin will build new collagen which will secure the lift and further improve fine lines and wrinkles. Voila! An instant, nonsurgical face lift!.

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beautiful face
plump lips


Sweeten and enhance the pink portions of your lips and de-emphasize the vertical lines.

Collagen-building threads are inserted to define a luscious lip line and return youthful plumping. Add a touch of filler for an even fuller, fresher, sexier pout.

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Restore the “V” shape where it has been lost along the jawline by safely lifting those unsightly, sagging jowls with a thread lift.

No other technique is more efficient in supporting and lifting the tissues of the lower area of the face. No cutting, no recovery time, and no one noticing your scars, because there are none!

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woman with tight jawline
smooth neck with tight skin


Subtle tightening without the drastic pulling or scars of plastic surgery.

As we age, we lose precious collagen that keeps our skin moisturized and taut. Regain what’s lost easily. Smooth as silk threads are inserted to create a mesh under the skin of the neck, serving as the foundation for new collagen production. Create hydration and tightening of the skin naturally with subtle lifting.

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Create new collagen to lift, fill in, and smooth bumps, and tighten loose and sagging skin caused by sun damage, aging, and or gravity.

Don’t regret all the time you spent having fun in the sun. The newest and most progressive skin treatments such as threads, dermal fillers, cutting-edge radio frequency treatments, and lasers provide the foundation to promote the body’s natural healing to reverse damage. Any area of the body can achieve a reduction in fat, cellulite, pigmentation, scarring, and stretch marks, resulting in a more attractive silhouette in minimal time.

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thin sculpted body wearing veil
firm breasts


Breasts will be restored to a firmer and more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Non-surgical breast lift tailored to your own unique needs. Sagging breasts with loose and wrinkled skin are transformed, ALL WITHOUT SURGERY, SCARS, DOWNTIME, OR EXPENSE of traditional breast lifts.

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Regain the fuller, rounder, and lifted buttocks of youth, painlessly and easily.

Stretch marks? Loose skin? Sagging and flattened buttocks? They can be dramatically raised, toned, and contoured without exercise, surgery, or time commitment! Insert a few threads here and there for lifting, radio frequency tightening treatments to smooth the cellulite, and you’ll be ready to rock your signature skinny jeans again. (Yes, we CAN reduce cellulite with new technology.)

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round buttocks