“Grow Your Hair” Platinum Membership


Concerned about hair loss? Our Grow Your Hair Platinum Membership has the solution for you! This membership gives you access to member-only pricing on PRP treatments for your scalp, as well as discounts on all of your favorite services and products!


“Grow Your Hair” Platinum Membership Benefits

  • 15% Off ImamiMD Hair Rapid Growth Serum
  • 15% Off ImamiMD Hair Regrowth Kit
  • 15% Off Laser Caps (Capillus)
  • 10% Off Hair Transplant
  • 15% Off PDO Threads Scalp
  • 15% Off Scalp Micropigmentation
  • ImamiMD Hair Regrwoth Kit ($150 Value) Per Commitment
  • Hair Consultation w/ ARNP or MD ($150-$200 Value) Per Commitment



  • PRP Scalp w/ ACELL Session (Limit 4)
  • Scalp Mirconeedling Add On (Limit 4)

Pricing is monthly, 12 Month Commitment Required