Laser hair removal is the best technique for the hairiest of men to keep themselves groomed.  The hassle of shaving, razor bumps, folliculitis, cuts, and waxing can all come to an end. Laser Hair Removal is not limited to just facial hair, either. Just like women, the nuisance of unwanted body hair can be reduced and beneficial; especially, in hard-to-reach places (i.e., back, nape of neck, buttocks). Depending on the person, desires might be quite different, and some men even want to retain some of the hair to keep a “masculine” look.

How does this work?

Lasers are attracted to pigment. So, individuals with pigmented coarse hairs on light skin are the best candidates for reducing hair. Not to say darker skin cannot be treated, but greater precautions must be taken. Seeing that men have coarser hair than women, they have a chance to see quicker results. When doing laser hair removal, on average you need about 5-6 treatments to see a reduction. That is because our hair follicles grow in different cycles, and we need to be able to catch the hairs in the active “growing” phase. As the follicle gets destroyed, the hair shaft becomes weak and eventually that follicle dies, and no hair grows.

How Many Treatments Do Men Need to Get?

The area being treated will determine the number of treatments and length in-between. The chest, back, and bikini will need about six to eight treatments spaced 2 months apart. Facial hair removal takes about five to six treatments spaced at four to six weeks apart.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

No! It is a very tolerable procedure; at most it will feel like a rubber band snapping. Imami Skin and Cosmetic Center’s state-of-the-art Cutera HR handpiece has a cooling element attached to it, thus making it more comfortable for our patients. Also, if you can handle the pain of waxing, laser hair removal is a breeze!

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